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It is my hope to create seductive forms, and surfaces that make you want to touch, learn, and experience the unfamiliar. Here you will find my inspiration as well as snapshots from my creative journey; Delightful morsels of beauty, history, mystery, and truth. Enjoy. And pass it on...



Now that senior year is upon us, I've been thinking a lot lately about success and failure. With deadlines, assignments, projects and papers its easy to get overwhelmed and lose confidence. But it doesn't have to be like that! We shouldn't establish our personal value by grades, crits, or even peer opinions. If you do fail, its not forever! And if you win- thats not eternal either. Its the courage to continue that matters most. Keep pushing, winners AND losers! Because we have all been both. And because we all possess the power to be GREAT!

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very encouraging!

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