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It is my hope to create seductive forms, and surfaces that make you want to touch, learn, and experience the unfamiliar. Here you will find my inspiration as well as snapshots from my creative journey; Delightful morsels of beauty, history, mystery, and truth. Enjoy. And pass it on...



A breathtaking story by Capucine. Starring baby monkeys lost in frightening trees, a witch, crocodiles, a tiger, a "popotamus" and a lion, and even a "tremendously very bad mammoth". There are also magic powers and an orange ring, but sometimes, "something goes amiss".

Once upon a time... from Capucha on Vimeo.

Initially I couldn't believe the adorableness on this little girl and her wildly imaginative storytelling. But after reading more about the contributions and donations being made on her behalf which raise money to provide school books for Mongolian children, I was even more impressed. Click on the links to learn more about her story and/or donate to the cause.

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