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It is my hope to create seductive forms, and surfaces that make you want to touch, learn, and experience the unfamiliar. Here you will find my inspiration as well as snapshots from my creative journey; Delightful morsels of beauty, history, mystery, and truth. Enjoy. And pass it on...



I just died and went to heaven. And when I awoke, this was on my hand.

Debra Baxter's: Crystal Brass Knuckles.
- had to say this about her work.....
"It is sort of a superhero tool/weapon. Most of my work is about engaging the body in some way. Calling the body to do something. My work embraces failure and fragility...though you won't know that seeing this piece.I have been fascinated with crystals since high school where I did a [talk] [sic] about their potential powers. Explaining how my grandpa who was an electrical engineer made a quarts crystal radio utilizing the "vibrations" of quarts. As much as I am not new agey or woo woo, crystals do have energy and powers. They seem to amplify what is already there. Crystal Brass Knuckles ( I am going to realign  your chakras mother******!) is dealing [with] [sic] this, the dichotomy of a weapon and healing device in one. And just how completely ridiculous and contradictory that is. They are made to fit a woman's hand. There is a feminist/grrl power piece to this...and to all my work. Women engaging in their power and sexuality."


the guilty hyena said...

Wow crystal knuckle looks fab



Adie! said...

Beautiful! Have you seen my geode jewel yet? I'll knock you out with it when I get back to LA with you!