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It is my hope to create seductive forms, and surfaces that make you want to touch, learn, and experience the unfamiliar. Here you will find my inspiration as well as snapshots from my creative journey; Delightful morsels of beauty, history, mystery, and truth. Enjoy. And pass it on...


Adventure IS Out There!

On a recent adventure to Claremont California, I visited a small artist village with some friends (Maxine, Lisa and Polina). There we found a breathtaking mosaic wall titled -Grove by artist Lynn Basa. The wall was hidden on a rooftop shaded patio-like it was made just for us. We also visited the OBJCT gallery to check out the space for a future show in which we will be collaborating to design a garden wall of sorts. The gallery is very modern with several interesting works. Here are some photos of the highlights of our day. 

Favorite painting of the day by Karl Benjamin

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Polina said...

adventure IS out there!!!
Beautiful pics and wonderful times!!xoxo